Susan Lion: As a graphic designer dedicated to conscious and heart-based living, award-winning author and illustrator Susan Andra Lion firmly believes that art is a great educational tool for bringing forward our connection to the Earth and its many creatures. She took her very first art class in college. It lit a fire within her and she changed her major and never looked back. Sue now operates her own graphic design and illustration business next to the mountains in Colorado, a place that has been a constant inspiration for her artwork and her stories.

SPONTANEOUS SACRED SPACES: 8 Portable Altars To Open Your Heart Wherever You Are

ISBN: 9780997956313
SRP: $14.95
Susan Andra Lion pioneers a unique idea of portable altars with her small format book series. She introduces the idea of taking beautiful sacred space anywhere and everywhere you go. The visually stimulating and thought...

JUST IMAGINE TREES: A Coloring Book For All Ages

ISBN: 9780983268796
SRP: $10.95
Coloring has proven to be a restful, meditative, and contemplative stress relief for all ages. Now Susan Andra Lion offers a brand new book just for this purpose. Each coloring book comes with 20 unique drawings, ready for your creative touch, drawn as only Sue Lion can. Special hidden details can be found in each picture, and thoughtful words are written on the back of the pages, relating to the beautiful message of the drawings. These coloring books are...

SPIRIT ANIMAL CARDS: (50 oracle cards, boxed in clear cover tin)

UPC: 013964997200
SRP: $20.95

44 North American animals, created by the remarkable Colorado artist Sue Lion, help us understand the energy that enables us to live close to the earth and the heavens. Each animal brings a unique message. Their messages resonate with our own energy so we can live enlightened, powerful lives. Instructions are included for a simple method to choose your animal for the day. Start your day or enter your dreamtime at night with a positive – and thought-provoking – message. All messages inspire hope and the belief we are all important. Each card is 3.25” x 5.125”, printed in 4-color on heavy stock and laminated to assure durability. The recyclable, silver tin has a clear cover, perfect to display the chosen card.

EARTHEART WISDOM CARDS: (30 affirmation cards, boxed in clear cover tin)

UPC: 013964997217
SRP: $16.95

30 inspirational drawings based on the loving power of Mother Earth are on one side; poetry and words of hope, tenderness, and caring are on the other. Many drawings have “hidden” images, all in plain sight. Each card is 3.25” x 5.125”, printed in 4-color and laminated so they can be thrown in a backpack or used in the kitchen. The recyclable, silver tin has a clear cover, perfect to display the chosen card.

MAGIC AND LIGHT CARDS (30 cards, boxed in clear cover tin)

UPC: 013964997224
SRP: $16.95

These colorful and unique cards help you learn to look at the magic in life and see the light it brings, to become the insightful person you came to be. By choosing a card each day, you can focus on its message for guidance, and discover a positive approach to life. This deck features magical beings including mermaids, dragons, ancient divine goddesses, Phoenix, and Pegasus, as well as magical...