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CHEMO COMPANION: A Guided Meditation Designed To Prepare You For Undergoing Chemotherapy

UPC: 885444478000
Format: CD | Retail: $15.95

A guided meditation designed to complement chemotherapy by allowing the listener to empty their mind of any distracting thoughts or worries and to concentrate on leaving the doctors to do what they are trained to do--fight those cancer cells with powerful medicines.


UPC: 883629620084
Format CD | Retail: $15.95

This sleep induction is designed to help you re-pattern your mental activity so that your mind is calm and peaceful before you go to sleep. When it's time for you to rest, your body and mind will be at ease allowing you to gently drift off to sleep.


ISBN: 9781441450845
Retail: $14.95

I began researching Scientology's use of authoritarian hypnosis after witnessing it's affect on a close friend. What I uncovered was far too compelling not to publish. How is it possible for Scientology to continue growing and recruiting people--a list that includes celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Allie, and John Travolta--when the truth about this cult is so widely available via the internet? Supporters of Scientology claim that it is compatible with all world religions. The published findings of numerous government inquiries, the affidavits and court testimony of former high level members, and the expert analysis of Scientology practices, however, paint a much different picture. This book is a must read for anyone considering Scientology as a viable spiritual pathway.

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: A Guided Meditation

UPC: 883629671673
Format CD | Retail: $15.95

A guided meditation designed to help listeners make the changes in their lives that they have resolved to make.

PSYCHIC GIFTS: A Guided Meditation

UPC: 883629693965
Format: CD | Retail: $15.95

A guided meditaton designed to help the listener discover and develop their inner psychic gifts.


UPC: 883629977478
Format CD | Retail: $15.95

Do you sometimes feel as if you're on your own even when there are others around? Well...that is about to change...not by a miracle or magic, but because you have decided that you want to feel connected with others, and wanting something is half the battle. This recording will help you with the next steps of deciding how to go about it and carrying it through. You can connect with others. You are not alone.