Hemi-Sync® is a patented, scientifically and clinically proven audio-guidance technology refined with over 50 years of research. Specific sound patterns lead the brain to various states of consciousness ranging from deep relaxation to expanded awareness and other “extraordinary” states. As an analogy, lasers produce focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance. More than 250 products are available for stress management, focused attention, meditation, sleep enhancement, and pain management, to name a few.

AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS: Awaken Your Consciousness With This Inspiring Musical Meditation

UPC: 763363500425
SRP: $19.95

Experience your consciousness emerging in this inspiring musical meditation by accomplished Spotted Peccary Music artists Howard Givens and Craig Padilla. Featuring an array of electronic instruments, from classic vintage and modular synthesizers to modern digital keyboards, this deep ambient work is about inward expansiveness. Combined with powerful Hemi-Sync® frequencies, it is designed to lead you into a profoundly heightened state of awareness. Length: 68 minutes.

BLUE MOON JOURNEY: Natural Sounds Transport You To A Place Of Ageless Wisdom

UPC: 763363237826
SRP: $19.95

Recorded live near a wooded lake under a blue moon in the Virginia countryside, this captivating recording by A.J. Honeycutt features the sound of frogs, crickets, insects, and all sounds of the night. Brief verbal guidance encourages you to relax and breathe in the fresh night air, exploring this realm in your mind and body. Connect with the earth, those elements you are made of, with this experience as rare and powerful as the blue moon itself. Length: 57 minutes

INTO THE LIGHT: Meeting Your Guides ~ Near-Death Experience Meditations

UPC: 763363238021
SRP: $24.95

Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides offers opportunities for exploration of a near-death experience as previously introduced in the popular Into the Light with Hemi-Sync®. Scott Taylor has designed two new exercises to give you a sense of one aspect of an NDE—meeting your guides. The first exercise is a fully-guided exploration of how to prepare your body, mind, and energy body to make exploration possible, meet and converse with your guides, and learn the skill of bi-location—one of the forms of an out-of-body experience that is easy to learn and very helpful when exploring the nonphysical universe. The second exercise allows you more time to explore this expanded state of awareness. Detailed guidance manual included. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

HEALING THORUGH AWARENESS: A Compassionate and Effective Meditation For Healing Emotional Pain

UPC: 763363237925
SRP: $19.95

In this compassionate guided meditation, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche offers a deep practice for healing our "pain body, speech and mind.” By being aware and connected to the inner stillness, inner silence, and spaciousness, we can open to our pain without trying to change, analyze, judge, or create stories around it as we heal. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help you relax and rest in an open, meditative state. Track 1 is a four-minute intro explaining the focus of the meditation; Track 2 is the 36-minute meditation.
Himalayan Singing Bowls by Frank Perry.

PATH TO PEACE: Follow A Path To Peace With This Beautiful Musical Narrative

UPC: 763363308120
SRP: $19.95

This calming, peaceful and contemplative musical narrative invokes a pastoral locale – the perfect setting for an inner retreat. John Gregorius’ tender and beautiful composition, with the masterful use of electric and acoustic ambient guitar, piano, cello, upright bass, drums, programming and vocals, carries you to a place of tranquility and peace. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help to deepen the relaxation process as you let go and flow. Length: 46 minutes.

QUEST OF THE MYSTIC: A Musical Journey of Self-Transformation

UPC: 763363308229
SRP: $19.95

Chronotope Project's ambient dreamscapes and contemplative melodic sounds transport you to a mystical place of exploration. Hemi-Sync® frequencies enhance your journey as you delve deeper into the far reaches of consciousness. Instruments include analog and digital synthesizers, sequencers, various hand percussion, Tibetan and quartz singing bowls, Shakuhachi, Irish whistle, recorder, cello, koto, and more. Length: 55 minutes.