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Wild Success is the power of conscious choice and the bold freedom to shape your life into the personal masterpiece it was meant to be. Award-winning, internationally-published author, conscious energy teacher, shamanic healer, and Master Success Coach, Donna DeNomme, guides readers through a delightful and expansive four-fold adventure to claim their wildest dreams and sweetest happiness:
Discover: there is so much more to you then even you know
Transform: the point is not your wounding, the point is found in the healing … become more of the uniquely radiant being you are at Core Essence
Sacred Path: embrace the sacred space within and learn to create gentle peace and presence in your outer world
Soul Creativity: your Divine Inheritance, Passion, and Mission. Bring it home!
Awaken a Masterful Life—one of your very own design.

8 KEYS TO WHOLENESS: Tools For Hope-Filled Healing

ISBN: 9780984858958
SRP: $19.95

Discover eight powerful keys that open the soul and guide the heart to embrace your fullest potential. Drawing on thirty years as a Shamanic Healer, Conscious Energy Teacher, and Master Success Coach, Donna DeNomme, shares tools for hope-filled healing and true transformation. Internationally-published and recognized for Excellence with COVR, Nautilus, Indie, and International Book Awards. Self-Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Chakras, Healing Trauma


ISBN: 9781615399581
SRP: $16.95

Ophelia’s Oracle features a twelve-year-old questioning and introspective girl, Ophelia, who explores her emerging sense of self through goddess stories. Ophelia discovers the feminine energy that connects her with all beings. She learns to love and appreciate her mixed cultural heritage through strong women who share her female spiritual history.


ISBN: 9780983268741
SRP: $21.95

Based on the internationally-acclaimed book, Turtle Wisdom, these cards offer a timeless message of knowing and believing in yourself. They were created to help build confidence, personal trust, a belief in the overall good of life and your precious, evolving self. These cards were designed with you in mind! Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards, like any good tool, is only there to awaken within you that which you may not realize you already know.

TURTLE WISDOM PLAYBOOK: A Motivational Coloring Adventure

ISBN: 9780984858934
SRP: $14.95

Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself has been embraced by seekers around the globe. Originally written for Donna's coaching clients as a touchstone between sessions, Turtle Wisdom's endearing, easy-to-digest, timeless message of knowing and accepting yourself so you can design your very best life - unexpectedly spread through nine countries and world-wide in Chinese and Spanish.

TURTLE WISDOM: Coming Home To Yourself

ISBN: 9781424324866
SRP: $15.95

A gift that says "I believe in you!" This award-winning, internationally-published fan favorite is written by the Master Success Coach 5280 Magazine calls Colorado's "Spiritual Health Guru." An endearing book of guidance, gentle encouragement, and practical inspiration, Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself offers strategies for life's challenges in an easily accessible and engaging read. Practical wisdom to awaken a masterful life! 86 delightful illustrations.