Amen Publishing bridges the eternal spiritual tradition with the modern view about Consciousness and personal evolution. Our books offer both practical tools for ascension and the necessary knowledge leading to conscious service to the Earth and to the Divine: the spiritual mechanisms of power and humankind’s occult history; Earth’s relationship with the Cosmos and Creator-god; the true identity and role of the Consciousness known as the Archangel Michael.

COSMIC LOVE: The Sacred Union Of The Archangel Michael, The Earth & The New Jerusalem

ISBN: 9780692370124
SRP: $28.00

History in the making! Follow the mechanisms of the Ascension process within the Body of the Cosmic Man or Creator-god. Stars & constellations are the bodies of Spiritual Beings who interact and love each other; They visit the Earth at critical moments to change its fate. Cosmic Love also describes Humankind’s relationship with the Archangel as well as the most significant spiritual and occult events that have precipitated the End of Time/s and completed the previous cycle; With precise time-lines and unique information this book also gives unusual insights about metaphysical concepts: what are the Creator-god, the Adam Kadmon, the Archangel Michael, the New Jerusalem, the Lodges and the Dragon. Their roles in the Earth evolution and how humanity can follow the gods, feel Oneness and love, then practice service to the Divine.

AMEN: Archangel Michael, The Messiah & The Grail Bloodline

ISBN: 9780965599061
SRP: $31.00

A powerful, in-depth overview of the mechanisms of Earth occult history; the concepts of Great Mother, Dragon, Bloodlines, Time lines. The Archangel Michael and the functioning of the eclipses, cycles and evolution. The role of magic and secret societies in geopolitics; reframe the concepts of Messiah, Jesus, Grail, and discover the identity of the Consciousness known as the Archangel Michael.

I AM THAT I AM: Alta Major--Shortcut To Alignment & Enlightenment

ISBN: 9780965599085
SRP: $22.00

Step by step techniques enhancing awareness of emotional and subconscious mechanisms in order to reprogram, refocus and then consciously grow one’s fundamental energy structure or Light Body. I Am That I Am delivers in-depth information about the energetics of Karma and healing; the building of the chakras and Kundalini as well as the fundamental activation of the Alta-Major center, allowing conscious multi-dimensional functioning and ascension.

MANIFESTATION: Conversations With Archangel Michael

ISBN: 9780965599030
SRP: $22.00

The principles of manifestation delivered by the Archangel Michael while His Presence is embodying on planet Earth. The start of a fantastic event, the incarnation of an Avatar and Its first steps in the body. Reframe your mind set to live in the present, welcome the flow of life and manifest the Higher Self.


ISBN: 9780965599078
SRP: $22.00

Honest and loving meeting with the Shadow and Lucifer. The role of the Darkness, the Mother, Satanism, shadow governments, Illuminati, Secret Societies and aliens, at a personal and planetary level. Read A Kiss for Lucifer and heal deep wounds while making peace with inner-darkness.


ISBN: 9780982572689
SRP: $33.00

Grasp through photos and a light text what the Michaelic Consciousness is. Connect with the frequency of the Archangel through beautiful pictures gathered in Sanctuaries and power sites. Visualize the sacred Apollo-Michael Ley Line, the most powerful energy system of the last cycle.