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    Center for Touch Drawing

    SOUL CARDS I, 9780964562301 - $24.95, This exquisite set of 60 full color cards, created by renowned artist Deborah Koff-Chapin, comes with a 36 page manual which guides you into a living relationship with the images through silent contemplation, journal writing, storytelling, visualization, movement and dream incubation. Dynamic processes for using the cards with another person and within groups are also included.

    SOUL CARDS II, 9780964562356 - $24.95, Like the best-selling Soulcards, Soulcards II is an exquisite set of 60 color cards which speak directly to the soul through images. A 36-page manual provides creative methods to interact with the cards, accessing your own personal insights. Used alone, with a partner or in a group, the set is complete unto itself, or can be a companion to the original Soulcards to enrich the range of imagery. Mysterious and revealing, says novelist Isabel Allende. Continue Reading - Here.

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